Mince Cocktail Pies


A delicious 100% butter infused flaky pastry encasing a savoury 100% Beef Mince and minimal sago to thicken the sauce. This cocktail pasty is hand-cut and filled and when baked to perfection, rises to a beautiful puffed, savoury or snack that will leave you wanting more.
Easy to prepare.
Supplied frozen.
100% Beef Mince Filling
Maximum order of 80 units subject to availability.

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How to prepare frozen snacks

Bake from frozen @ 180 degrees.

On greased oven try, place your frozen pies, allow space between pies as they expand when they bake.
Brush each pie with lightly beaten egg.
And place in oven, once oven has reached temp.
Bake for 15 to 20 min. and remove from oven once pasty has puffed and has a beautiful golden brown colour.