Mixed Veg Springrolls


Using a humble mix of vegetables, partially hand-cut to create the perfect proportion of vegetables, along with minimal onions to create a tasting sensation, blended with spices and herbs and hand-rolled to celebrate our Cape Malay traditions.
Easy to prepare.
Supplied frozen.
Mixed Vegetable Filling
Maximum order of 80 units subject to availability.

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How to prepare frozen snacks

Defrost on kitchen paper towel.

On medium heat (175 degrees), fry in +/- 4 cm oil, when oil has reached desired temp, place your springrolls in and fry in batches.
Do not over crowd your pot.
Once the golden colour can be seen on outer side, gently turn your springroll and complete frying.
Once done, remove from oil using a slotted spoon and drain on paper towel.
Allow to cool down before serving.