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The Brexit trade agreement, also known as the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), was finally agreed upon by the UK and the EU on December 24th, 2020. The text of the agreement runs to a staggering 1,246 pages, covering everything from trade in goods and services to transport, energy, and fisheries.

As a professional, it’s important to note that the text of the Brexit trade agreement is critical for anyone interested in understanding the UK’s future relationship with the EU. Not only does it provide a comprehensive overview of the terms of the agreement, but it also includes specific details on important topics such as tariffs, rules of origin, and regulatory cooperation.

One of the most significant aspects of the agreement is the section on trade in goods. The text outlines the terms of the UK-EU free trade area, which provides for zero-tariff and zero-quota trade in goods that meet the relevant rules of origin requirements. This means that goods produced in the UK or the EU can be traded between the two markets without any additional taxes or charges.

Another important area covered in the text of the agreement is transport. The UK and the EU have agreed to maintain liberalized access to each other’s markets for international road haulage, as well as air and maritime transport. This will ensure that businesses and consumers can continue to benefit from easy and efficient trade between the UK and the EU.

In addition to trade in goods and transport, the text of the Brexit trade agreement also covers a range of other important topics, such as energy, fisheries, and regulatory cooperation. For example, the agreement includes provisions on cooperation in the areas of renewable energy, nuclear energy, and carbon pricing.

In terms of fisheries, the agreement provides for a transition period during which EU fishing boats will continue to have access to UK waters, after which the UK will have greater control over its own waters and fish stocks. This has been a contentious issue throughout the Brexit negotiations, and the text of the agreement reflects a compromise between the UK and the EU.

Overall, the text of the Brexit trade agreement is a complex and detailed document that will have significant implications for the future relationship between the UK and the EU. As a professional, it’s important to be familiar with the text of the agreement in order to provide accurate and informative content on this topic. Whether writing for a news outlet, a business publication, or a blog, understanding the details of the agreement will be essential for anyone seeking to cover this important topic.